Although this is not a site for underwater photo instruction, there are certain things that have worked for me, so take a look at the tips page. I've also included links to other helpful sites.

The Evolution of my rig

In December 2001 I bought an Olympus 4040Z 4.1 mega-pixel digital camera, housed in an Olympus PT-010 housing.   Soon after, I added dual Sea & Sea YS-90DX external strobes, held together with an Ultralight Control System strobe tray and arm system. 

In early 2003 I switched to an Olympus 5050Z 5 MP digital camera housed in an Olympus PT-015 housing, same strobes and arms.

My current setup is a Canon 300D Digital SLR housed in an Aquatica A300 aluminum housing, same strobes and arms.

Some of the pictures on this site were taken with the 4040, most with the 5050, and some with the 300D.

I used carry this mess in a Lowepro MiniTrekker backpack.  This is a sturdy padded backpack designed for camera travel, and will safely carry:
5050Z camera;
PT-015 housing;
Dual YS--90DX strobes;
Wide angle lens;
ULCS dual strobe and arm tray;
Battery charger & 5+ sets of batteries;
As many SmartMedia, CF and xD cards as I can carry;
and other odds and ends.


Still searching for a proper case for the 300D.


First digital rig

Second rig packed

Current Rig


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