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This is a forum to display my underwater photography.  Having taken a lot of photographs, and needing a place to put them, and since it seems everyone but me and my cats have a website, I decided to take the plunge.  So here we are (we being you and me, the cats have yet to host their own site.....so far).  Most of this site is about diving, which is appropriate, since most of my life is about diving.  And now photography.   I have also included various musings.... for what they are worth.


I was certified to dive on my Maui honeymoon in 1992.  By 1999, I had amassed 8 dives.  One per year.  In 1999, having burned out from working at the fifth largest law firm in California (which no longer exists :-) ), I decide to follow a dream and take a trip around the world.  It was during this trip that I ignited a passion for diving (although there is a thin line between passion and obsession, there is a line nevertheless).  In the last few years I have been blessed enough to have dived in places people dream of:  Australia, Belize, Hawaii, Malaysia, Mexico, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, the Bahamas, Yap and Palau.  And there are still places I dream of:  Indonesia, Galapagos, Cocos Island, Sipadan, the Socorros, Thailand......  the list goes on, and hopefully in a couple of years I'll have added these to the list.

Even after all that travel, I did not know, however, that I lived on the edge of the best diving on God's green.... er, blue.... earth:  the kelp forests of Southern California.

1999 was also when I took my first underwater photographs, on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, using a Sea & Sea MX-10 camera.  If my scanner worked I'd show you one.  But it doesn't.  My pictures weren't bad.  But they weren't great, or even really good.  But I found that it opened up the underwater planet to family and friends that were not as fortunate as I to have strapped on a tank of air and dropped to the bottom of the sea.  I also won the photo contest from that 3 day trip - first among all two competitors.  Prize?  nada.....But the feeling stuck.


 I soon bought a point and shoot underwater camera, an Ikelite Auto 35.  Some of the photos on this site were taken with this camera.  Like this one......

But, wanting more immediate satisfaction, I gravitated towards digital photography.  With a digital camera, you can review and evaluate the shot immediately.  At one time or another, every photographer has picked up their film from the developer, and eagerly pulling out the stack of photos, been utterly amazed at how bad the shots came out.  It is inevitable, since only through practice can you improve.  Having that immediate feedback drastically alters the learning curve in underwater photography. 

So, now I work Monday through Friday to fuel and finance my twin passions, diving and photography.  That work is once again practicing as an attorney.  I also make time for my wife and traveling partner, Wendy, and our "kid", Trucker.

Feel free to surf around, enjoy the pictures and trip reports, and send me an e-mail.

Chris Menjou


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