Photography Sites, Forums and Dive Essays

Digital Diver.Net - Jeff Farris' digital photography site                Sabine Noack - Sabine's great site
Dave Read - Dave Read's photography site                               Wetpixel - Eric Cheng's digital photography site           
Jay Treat - Jay Treat's photography site                                     Digi-Deep - The ultimate resource
Deja Video - Dale Boyd's site                                                   Digital Photography FWIW - Tips and hints    
Seahunt - Mike's musings on diving                                   - Judy G's site
Tio Loco - Richard Perry's site                                                  Karl and Kimberley Dietz - 
The Living Sea - Laz Ruda's site                                                Greenwater Images - Rand McMeins' Site

Stock Photography

Deep Sea Images - Agent for stock photos

Photography Gear

Aquatica - Cuz chicks dig aluminum
Ikelite - Specializes in quality underwater housings
Japan-Direct - Overseas source for Olympus underwater housings
Ultralight Control Systems - The Rolls Royce of camera tray and strobe arms
Underwater Camera Pros - Call Ryan for a good deal
California Digital Divers - My friend Ken Ashman
NewEgg - Great prices on SmartMedia
Thomas Distributing - Great prices on NIMH batteries and chargers

Southern California Dive Shops

Reefseekers - Beverly Hills, California
Scuba Toys - Cypress (Orange County), California
Dive N' Surf - Redondo Beach, California


Orange County Kelpkeepers

Sources for DIR dive gear

Halcyon - Halcyon dive equipment
5th Dimension - Great mail order company
Extreme Exposure - Another great mail order company
FredT's backplates - Independent backplate manufacturer, I own an Aluminum one

DIR sites

Global Underwater Explorers - The DIR training agency
San Diego Underwater Explorers - Local Tech-Rec club
Bay Area Underwater Explorers - Northern California Tech-Rec club
Gear Configuration - Photos of DIR gear, courtesy of Patmandu

Hogarthian - History of the Hogarthian way
DIR - Quest

Southern California Dive Boats and Info

The Great Escape - Long Beach
Sundiver - Alamitos Bay
Pacific Star - Redondo Beach Harbor
Truth Aquatics - Santa Barbara
California Dive Boats - Comprehensive listing
California Diving News - California Diving Newspaper

Catalina Conservancy Divers - Organization dedicated to our favorite island
L.A. County Comprehensive Resource - The all-in-one source

Southern California Dive Weather

Wave height models -'s links

Three Day Wave Model
Navy Wave Model

Southern California Beach Diving Groups

South Coast Divers - Laguna Beach Saturday beach diving
Sandeaters - So Cal Sunday morning beach diving

On-line Dive Community

Rodale's Message Board - Rodale's Scuba Dving message board
Scubadiver Net - Southern California based message board
Digital Diver UW Photography Forum - Collection of digital obsessives
Wetpixel - The other digital diving board - California diving message board
Diverlink - Diving message board

Dive Medicine

Divers Alert Network
Diving Medicine Online

Technical Information

Estimating Gas Consumption

Decompression Theory

Scuba Diving Explained
Pyle Deep Stops
Bubble Decompression Strategies
Diving Physics and Fizzyology
Deco Theory And Bubble Models
Gas Laws
Bruce Wienke's Decompression Model

Bathymetric Imagery

Santa Barbara Alps - The Matterhorn
Pacific Sea Floor Mapping Project
La Jolla/Scripps Canyon

Marine Animal Identification

Ceph base - Cephalapods galore - octopus and cuttlefish
The Slug Site - Nudibranchs, great and small
fishbase - Fish identification resource
Divebum's fish ID 
Pacific Coast Nudibranchs

Travel Resources

Air Treks Travel - Resource for long haul, round the world, and circle-Pacific fares
Foreign Entry Requirements - Country by country visa and entry information
Library of Congress Country Study - Country by country information
Travel Medicine Center - Los Angeles-based Tropical Disease specialist and travel goods
Country by Country Calling Codes
Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree - Sometimes helpful international travel Message Board
Around the World Travel Guide - Everything you ever wanted to know about RTW travel
Universal Currency Converter


Baja Outpost - Leon's place on the Sea of Cortez


Lamanai Outpost Lodge
Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge & Adventure Co.
Manta Resort - Glover's Atoll


Orangewood Bed & Breakfast - Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Mike Ball Dive Adventures - Townesville, Queensland
Crocodylus YHA - Daintree Rainforest, Queensland
Jane's Tours - Cairns, Queensland
The Bat House - Cape Tribulation, Queensland


Manta Ray Bay Hotel & Yap Divers
Yap Art Gallery


Big Blue Explorer
Palau Pacific Resort
Etpison Museum


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